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30th Rabial-Thani 1444 (25th November 2022)

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Jihad An-Nafs – Part 107

Purification of the heart-Part 49

Further to last week’s discussion, I quote below a few more Ayahs on the portrayal of the Day of Resurrection:

Ayah 39 of Sura Maryam: “Warm them of the Day of grief and regret when the matter will be decreed; they are now headless, disbelieving.”

Ayah 56 of Surah Ar-Rum: “Those who have been endowed with knowledge and faith shall say: Indeed you tarried according to the decree of God, until the Day of Resurrection,, but you did not know.”

Ayah 20 of Surah As-Saffat: “And they shall say: Woe unto us! This is the Day of Reckoning!

Ayah 15, 18 and 32 of Surah Al-Ghafir:“Exalter of the ranks, Lord: He causes forth the spirit at His behest on whomsoever He wills of His servants that He may warn man of the Day of Meeting.

And warn them of the Approaching Day when hearts will rise up to the throat choking; there shall be no sincere friend for the unjust nor any intercessor to prevail.

And O’people! I fear for you the Day of Calling out.”

Ayahs 34 and 42 of Surah Qaf: “Enter in peace; this is a Day of Eternity.

The Day when they will hear the cry in truth, is the Day of coming forth (from the graves).”

Ayah 39 of Surah An-Naba: “This is the Day of Certainty, so, whosoever then desires, let him take refuge with his Lord.”

Valuable points:

  • Allah (s.w.t.) warns His servants about the day of intense regret and grief when the matter will be decided.
  • Everyone will be raised from their graves on the Day of Resurrection to meet with His Lord. One who created man in the first place can bring him back to life.
  • Everyone will thereafter be gathered and there will be no helper on that day except Allah (s.w.t.).
  • That day is fast approaching and there is no doubt about it.
  • On that day the scales will be set up and the judgement will be pronounced.
  • The believers will enter in peace on the Day of Eternity.
  • The Day of Recompense will be a difficult day especially for the disbelievers; they will be in agony and will cry out in dismay and they will have no friends or intercessors.
  • It will be a day of truth and certainty so man should seek Allah (s.w.t)’s protection every step of his way in life. To be continued


Second Sermon

Significance of time and place in Islam

With reference to the demise of Fatima Masoomah (a.s.) in the city of Qom, I quote below some Ayahs from the Holy Quran about place and time, which is of great importance in Islam. We should bear in mind that every single creature has been created by Allah (s.w.t.) for a specific purpose and moreover the earth, sky and stars have their advantages and uses as well.

  • Ayahs 198,199 and 203 of Surah Al-Baqarah: “There is no sin on you if you seek the bounty from your Lord. And when you march from Arafat, remember God near the Holy Monument, Al-Mash’ar, and remember Him as He has guided you, although you were surely before this, among those who strayed.

   Then march on whence other people march on, and seek the pardon of God; God  

   Is Forgiving, Merciful. 

  And remember God on the prescribed days, and whosoever hastens off in two days

   it will be no sin on him and whosoever tarries (there), on him there will be no sin, 

   nor for him who is pious; so take shelter in God and know that to Him you shall

   be gathered.”

  • Ayahs 96 of Surah Aale Imran: “Verily, the first House (of worship) made for mankind was the blessed one at Bakka (Makkah), a guidance for the world.”
  • Ayah 97 of Surah Al-Ma’ida: “God has made the Ka’bah, the Sacred House, a sanctuary for mankind and the sacred month…”
  • Ayahs 21-23 of Surah Al-Dariyat: “And also in your own selves; will you not then discern? 

   And in the heaven is your sustenance, and also what you are promised.

   And by the Lord of the heaven and the earth; verily it (Quran) is certainly the

   truth, just as you speak.”

  • Ayahs 1-4 of Surah Al-Fajr: “(Swear) By the dawn, 

    And by the ten nights (the first ten days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah), 

    And by the even and the odd,  

    And by the night as it departs.”

  • Ayahs 1-2 of Surah Al-Balad: “Nay! I swear by the city (Makkah)!

    While you (Muhammad) are settled in this city!”

  • Ayahs 1-7 of Surah Ash-Shams: “By the sun and its radiation,

   By the moon when it follows after it,  By the day when it unfolds its light, By the night when it enshrouds it, By the sky and of which it is built,   By the earth and what expands it,   By the soul as it is perfected.”

  • Ayahs 1 and 2 of Surah Al-Asr: “(I swear) By the time (Al-Asr)! Verily man is in loss!”

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