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9th Rabial-Thani 1444 (4th November 2022)

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Jihad An-Nafs – Part 104


Purification of the heart-Part 46


As explained last week, it is highly imperative to remind ourselves about the Day of Resurrection and in this context, I quote below a few more relevant Ayahs from the Holy Quran relating to it:

Ayah 34 of Surah Younus: Of your associates, is there any who can originate the creation and then repeat it?” Say: God originates the creation and repeats it. Then how are you deluded from the truth?

Ayah 7 of Sura Hud:  “…You shall surely be raised after death. Those who disbelieve say, This is nothing but an open sorcery.

Ayahs 49, 50 and 51 of Surah Al-Bani Isra’il: “They say:“When we become mere bones and dust, then shall we really be raised a new creation?

Say:“Even if you are stones or iron,

Or any other creature which seems in your minds to be harder to resurrect.” But they will say: Who shall cause us to return?” Say: He Who created you first!Then they will shake their heads at you and say: When will that be?” Say: Perhaps it is nigh.

Ayah 7 on Surah Al-Hajj: “And that the Hour is coming; there is no doubt about it, and  that God will raise those who are in the graves.”

Ayahs 82 and 100 of Surah Al-Mu’minun:“They said: When we die and become dust and bones, shall we be raised again?  .

So that I may do good deeds which I have never done!” Nay! It is but a word he utters. There shall be a barrier behind them until the Day they are raised again.

Ayahs 27 and 56 of Surah Ar-Rum: “He it is Who originates the creation, then causes it to recur, and the latter is even easier for Him; He is the most exalted in the heavens and in the earth. He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

Those who have been endowed with knowledge and faith will say:Indeed you have tarried according to the decree of God until the Day of Resurrection, but you did not know.”

Ayah 6 of Surah Al-Mujadilah:“On the Day when God raises them all to life and informs them of what they did. God has kept account of it, while they might have forgotten it, and God is a Witness over all things.

Ayah 7 of Surah At-Taghabun: Those who disbelieve think that they will never be resurrected. Say Yes! By my Lord, you will certainly be raised, then you will certainly be informed of what you did; that for God is surely easy.

Ayahs 4 and of Surah Al-infitar: “And the graves are overturned;

Every soul shall know then what he has sent forth and left behind.”   To be continued


Valuable points:

  • On the Day only known to Allah (s.w.t.), life on earth will come to an end and the dead will be resurrected from their graves and will face Allah (s.w.t.)’s judgement.
  • This Day of Resurrection is a matter of certainty and everyone will remain in their graves until then.
  • Only Allah (s.w.t.) can give life and cause death. He is the Creator of the universe, and He can certainly revive the human body that has died and turned to bone and dust.
  • Disbelievers are often depicted in the Holy Quran as doubting or denying the resurrection of man.
  • After resurrection everyone’s deeds will be weighed and judged and if the good outweighs the evil, they will be successful while the losers will be those whose evil deeds outweigh the good.
  • The afterlife will start after our resurrection and continue after the Day of Judgment.


Second Sermon

Birth anniversary of Imam Hasan Al-Askari (a.s.)

The 8th of Rabiul Thaani is the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan Al-Askari (a.s.) and I congratulate Imam Mahdi (a.t.f), his one and only son, and the Shiites on this auspicious occasion.  Imam Hasan Al-Askari (a.s.) was born in Medina, on Friday, the 8th of Rabiul Thaani, 232 Hijri. However, according to some tradition he was born in Samara. Both his parents, Imam Ali An-Naqi (a.s.) and Hodaith (Salil), were greatly elated at his birth and he was named “Al-Hasan” after his great uncle, the master of the youth of paradise. He was also called Abu Muhammad, as Muhammad was the name of the awaited Al-Mahdi (a.t.f.), the great reformer and saviour of humanity. His mother was very reputable and well-known and she was the best woman of her time in chastity, purity and piety. According to Imam Ali Naqi (a.s.) she was purified from every error, defect, and impurity. After the martyrdom of Imam-Ali an-Naqi (a.s.), the Shiites would consult with this great lady to resolve their problems and religious issues.  Imam Askari (a.s.) lived under the guidance of his father for 22/23 years and thereafter the responsibilities of the Imamate were vested on him for 6 years, which he fulfilled in the face of hostile environment. In his short life of 28/29 years he endured great sufferings in the hands of the Abbasid caliphs, but despite all that suffering and imprisonment in Samara, he carried the banner of Islam, sacrificed his life for its cause and spread its high values and goals.. His advice and recommendations to his adherents have been provided in Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol: 78, P: 372, which are quoted below:

“I recommend you to fear Allah and to be pious and have a clear insight and perception about your religion. Strive for Allah, be truthful, give deposits back to their owners, whether they are good or evil, be vigilant and cautious about your prayers and worship, and be good to neighbors as our Holy Prophet, instilled these principles in Muslims during his mission. You should associate with your kin and be good to them, attend their funerals, visit the sick among your near ones and carry out their rights, for if anyone is devout in his religion, truthful in his speech, returns deposits to their owners and treats people kindly, then it shall be said about him that, “he is a ‘Shi’a’ and this shall please me greatly.

Fear Allah, be good and refrain from bad deeds! Urge people to honor and be close to us and keep obscenity away from us, because whatever good is said about us, we deserve it, and whatever bad is said about us, is not true. We have rights according to the Book of Allah for we are the progeny of the messenger of Allah and have been purified by Allah which no one, other than us, can claim to be.

Remember Allah at all times and be mindful of death! Recite the Holy Quran and be familiar with it as much as possible and send peace and blessings on the Holy Prophet and his progeny, because the sending of blessings on the Prophet will procure you tenfold reward.

Keep in mind what I recommend to you! I pray to Allah to protect you and give you peace and I bid you farewell.”

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